City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova
  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Kyu Yong and clever robot. Chinese surgeon arrived in Moscow for training in the usual hospital

Использование робота при операции на позвоночнике
Kyu Yong (in the center) advances surgical instrument with the surgical robot. Dr. Dmitriy Dzukaev (to the right) and assistants Angela Khashkhozheva, Vladimir Gulyy (to the left) control the procedure.?

In February the surgeons in City Hospital #67 showed Chinese surgeon how to perform the most complex spinal surgery with the aid of the unique robot.
Kuy Yong is the surgeon, President of one of the most prestigious medical universities of China, the member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences… He saved thousands of patients. But Kyu Yong tells about himself modestly, as if reluctantly. He listens more to others and nods encouragingly. He has a curious and ambitious attitude: to obtain the maximum of information, to see as much as possible, to try, to feel, and to learn.
— Kyu Yong today will participate in spinal procedure with the unique robot. In Russia that's the only robot of such kind,  says  Dmitriy Dzukaev, the medical director of Spine Surgery Center in City Hospital #67.
The robot with the sonorous name Renaissance was manufactured in Israel. He is the chief assistant to the surgeon: it shows the trajectory necessary to operate a patient. It is used in several clinics in Europe and the USA. But in the hospital #67 surgeons invented something new — they combined the robot with other new technologies.
— We combined all modern technologies: computer scanner, 3D microscope, navigation systems and other equipment, — says Dr. Dzukaev.
Such innovative approach to the use of contemporary technologies attracted worldwide attention. In China, there are no such robots, but Chinese surgeons are willing to study new techniques. Kyu Yong acknowledges that he decided to get training in Moscow.
— There are some differences between the Chinese and Russian surgery; I immediately noticed this,  — says Yong. — In China, for example, we don't have long discussions with the patients, simply because there are so many patients that we have to treat.
Chinese surgeon was also surprised by the administrative approach in Moscow hospital.
— You work in one team,  вАФ explains Kyu Yong. вАФ And I leave after I've done my part in the procedure immediately.
The case for today is quite complex. This young lady fell into the traffic accident a month ago. Her spine is damaged: one vertebra crumbled. She needs spine fixation with implants.
— Just imagine: you do full-scale house renovation, dismantle walls, but people stay inside. That's what we have to do now with her spine,  — explains Dr. Dzukaev. вАФ  In this case, we have to be very careful with vital structures in the spine вАФ spinal cord, nerve roots…
First of all, the patient receives the body scan. The result is automatically transferred to the monitor. Kyu Yong examines the 3D model of the spine and how the robot proposes to introduce surgical instruments.
— We always check what robot suggests, but it never makes mistakes,  — notes Dr. Dzukaev.
Renaissance robot is a perfectionist. It examines potential risks and determines the exact position, where the thin surgical instrument can pass. The robot does not talk, but it winks by green color — it means, the trajectory is assigned correctly.
— Yes, surgery without the robot, it's like replacing cell phone with an old cord telephone,  — concludes Kuy Young after 40 the minutes of operation.
Кью Ионг в московской городской больнице №67
Kyu Yong in the Moscow City Hospital #67 
Tomorrow this girl will be able to stand up. And this is not a miracle, but reality..
Andrey Shkoda, the chief physician of Moscow City Hospital #67:
-  It is not the first case when we receive physicians from other countries. In our hospital, we received doctors from Germany and Israel. It's a great honor for us to receive the professor from China. He was surprised, that in our hospital this modern equipment is operated by the young specialists. We show him the newest version of the robot. It was developed with the feedback from surgeons, who shared they experience with Israeli manufacturing company. Robot helps to decrease human factor and risks. But still, surgeon stays in charge.
Renaissance surgical gives the unique possibility to plan all stages of the procedure and to reduce the risk of unforeseen events. Now it is possible to determine the size of implants in advance, without being occupied by this during the operation.

source:  Evening Moscow