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World Congress on Spinal Surgery

World Congress on Spinal Surgery World Congress on Spinal Surgery

The annual World Congress of spine surgery took place on 9-13 Dec 2012 in Davos. Here every year leading specialists in spinal surgery meet to discuss pressing issues. Congress format was interactive - during sessions and lectures participants shared experiences, asked questions. Five sections were allocated to various topics:
•    degenerative diseases of the cervical spine and spinal trauma 
•    degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine, deformities and tumors
•    degenerative diseases of the cervical spine 
•    deformations, tumors, degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine and spinal trauma

Therefore, surgeons can choose the topic of interest, considering those pathologies they encounter most frequently in their work. Abramova Irina participated in the master's section for degenerative lumbar spine lesions, deformations, and tumors. This group had about 30 participants from 25 countries and took place in a Davos Congress Hall. On the first day group discussed issues of diagnosis, etiology of degenerative lesions, indications for conservative and surgical treatment of this pathology, and specific issues of various pathologies. The second day was devoted to the problems of surgical correction in spinal fusion, hands-on training on posterior, posterior-lateral and anterior access. The problem of managing patients with secondary spinal metastasis was discussed at the third and fourth day. Special attention was paid to the diagnosis of metastases, instability in these lesions, and planning surgical interventions.

Dzukaev Dmitriy participated in the section devoted to the problems of traumatic and degenerative lesions of the cervical spine.

These annual Congresses are so special also because Davos is a ski resort, and sections are arranged in a way for participants to have extra time for skiing.