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Record for consultation to the head of department

NTV channel: Moscow Spinal Center and status of Russian healthcare system

The status of Russian healthcare system was one of the hot topics of the last week. Quoting President Vladimir Putin, burrocreacy, and formality are not acceptable in such delicate matter as modernization of Russian public hospitals. Structural reforms in this field must be continued, especially after demonstration of primary results. Moscow mayor Mr. Sobyanin recently reported to the President that Moscow hospitals today has the all necessary equipment and are approaching European level. Andrey Grigoriev has studied this question - what procedures can now be done in Moscow hospitals.
Andrey Skoda: Moscow healthcare made a great step forward with high-technology medical care. Only in our hospital, the number of high-technology procedures increased two-fold.
Dmitriy Dzukaev: Without all these new technologies I probably would need about 50 X-ray scans for one of my recent cases - patient with very complicated anatomy.
Journalist: During the procedure?
Dmitriy Dzukaev: Yes, exactly. Just imagine the radiation risks for this young patient.
Journalist: No need for X-ray now - instead surgeons use portable CT tomograph. It transmits imaging data to the robotic system that determines the precise position of the implant. The whole procedure is controlled by a dedicated computer system. Such equipment is unique, as surgeons say.
Dmitriy Dzukaev: No other OR in Russia have a portable CT tomograph that works in combination with surgical robot and navigation stations. With this equipment, we can do the most complex cases.