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Record for consultation to the head of department

Moscow doctors saved a young man after a complicated spine injury

Extreme sports are extremely dangerous - a young man was admitted to the hospital right from the trampoline park. A hard landing in a seemingly soft ground crushed his vertebra, a fragment of which nearly broke in the spinal cord. But doctors from Moscow Spinal Center acted quickly.
"I hit my leg, but resonating blow went completely around my body. First wild numbness, I tried to get out on my hands, but then I felt my feet. I was so scared, crawling to the wall." Five minutes of joy caused grievous injury to his spine. Artem Khmelnikov practiced in trampoline park. He jumped and landed not on foam cubes but on the concrete ledge that was hiding beneath them.
Doctors say: the guy is still lucky.
"Lucky that the bone fragment stopped and didn't broke in the spinal cord. And the second time he was lucky that he got into the Moscow Spinal Center",  emphasizes Alexander Pejker, the head 3rd neurosurgical department. 
The operation could be considered ordinary. In the Department of Neurosurgery surgeons regularly collect broken vertebrae. The newest equipment вАФ microscope with an eightfold magnification, powered surgical instruments, navigation system вАФ allowed to place such operations on the stream. However, in this particular case surgeons had to not only fix broken vertebrae but remove the fragment, which could lead to a complete paralysis.
"The diameter of the spinal canal is fully restored. We removed that bone fragment, which compressed patients spinal cord. The image shows the shadows from clamps with which surgeons managed to recreate and restore supporting function of the spine," - continues Alexandr Pejker.
The operation lasted nearly four hours. Two days later, the patient was able to stand and walk, in a week he was allowed to sit down. Still, he has to wear a supporting corset for several months, and he will need a rehabilitation.
"Now the main point to Artem is to comply with the recommendations that will be given to him. With all the recommendations he will recover almost completely," - said in an interview with the program "Vesti-Moscow" Dr. Soslan Torchinov from a neurosurgical department of the Moscow Spinal Center.
Artem plans to bring a claim to that trampoline park. Also, he decided to stop extreme sports.
"The most valuable thing is that I can walk. When I got up - it was such a thrill! Nothing beats it вАФ nor snowboarding, nor a motorcycle, nor the bike. Many people simply forgot how fun it is to walk on their own feet," - says Artem.