City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova
  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Moscow 24: Moscow Spinal Center now has a robotic surgeon

Operating rooms in City Hospital No. 67 are unique thanks to new robotic and computer technologies. 
Portable CT tomograph BodyTom is the only device in Russia and Europe that can provide real-time imaging during complicated spinal surgery. BodyTom transfers all imaging data to the robotic system. According to this information, the surgical robot determines the precise position of spinal implant(s). Every action of the surgeon and the surgical robot is controlled by the navigation system.
Robotic system Renaissance is the only surgical robot of this kind in the world. These innovative technologies minimize the risk of complications and human mistakes and guarantee precise and safe positioning of spinal implant(s) in different situations, including spinal traumas.

Moscow healthcare makes confident steps into the future - now City Hospital No. 67 will perform the most complicated surgeries using a state-of-art robotic system.

This robot can do almost all the work for the surgeon, he/she just have to control this process.

Revolution in surgery! Machines replace people! All that was impossible once became a reality in Moscow City Hospital No. 67.

Hospital Director A.S. Shkoda: Our operating room has all components of innovative robotic OR. It has special operating tables, navigation systems, surgical robots and portable computer tomograph. With all this new equipment we can do the most complicated surgeries that were not possible before.

In this OR with state-of-art equipment costing 300 mln Roubles, patients receive a second chance for a healthy life. Machines are doing about 90% of all job. During the most complicated surgery, portable CT scanner makes real-time images of patient's body. This is the only portable CT in Russia; the other closest one is in the Czech Republic.

Dmitriy Dzukaev: We examine patient right here at the operating table in particular position. This is very important, as some changes are possible after trauma and before patient gets to the operating table. Thanks to portable CT we can get real-time imaging during surgery.

Tomograph instantly sends imaging data for analysis, however not to the operating surgeon but his mechanic partner.

Julia Demina: This is a miracle - Renaissance robot. He determines the outcome of surgery, and this outcome is always positive. It makes no mistakes, and doctors say it's our future.

Navigation system controls every move of surgeon and robot. The combination of these innovative technologies dramatically reduces the risk of complications and human factor.

Dmitriy Dzukaev: Through these sleeves, robot gives me its reliable hand, and my human hand gets to the precise position.

Surgeons admit that this new equipment became a solid ground and immediate help in a very difficult job - saving lives. Here machines are treated as partners, with due respect.

Julia Demina: Alexandra, do you think this robot is just a piece of equipment or more?

Alexandra Mikhaleva: It's like my friend, I care about it. And Dr. Dzukaev calls me Robotic mom.

Julia Demina: Do you have any name for it?

Alexandra Mikhaleva: Yes, my little robot. 

With this new equipment, surgeons can now do up to 2-3 complex surgeries every day. It was almost impossible before. Also, rehabilitation after such procedures is much more comfortable and fast. 

Natalya Khoreva: The first procedure we did with this new equipment was incredible. Those feelings are very hard to describe. These technologies make surgeon more confident, perform procedures faster, in more effective and comfortable way. It's like changing your car from Lada to Mercedes.

In addition to this new equipment this operating room has the web-conferencing system, and surgeons from other cities can watch procedures in a real-time, preparing for the future to come.