City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova
  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Governmental Commission Hearing on the public healthcare was held in City Hospital No. 67

Government Commission on the public healthcare was organized by the Government Decree No. 1018 of October 8, 2012. City Hospital No. 67 was chosen as a venue for the next meeting. The choice is not accidental, City Hospital No. 67 with Andrei Skoda as medical director, is one of the referral clinics of Moscow, with a team of leading specialists that implements in clinical practice the latest developments and techniques in the field of medicine.

The topics discussed by the Government Commission, headed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, are not new: the quality of medical services and ensuring their accessibility for the entire population by improving transport security

Qualified medical care should be available to residents of all regions of Russia. It was stated today by Dmitry Medvedev, who chaired a meeting of the Government Commission on the public healthcare. The Prime Minister visited Moscow City Hospital No. 67. In the Neurosurgery Department, he saw an exceptional equipment, which allows conducting complex operations, including the special robot. Dmitry Medvedev paid a special attention to a mobile diagnostic and treatment system, which doctors call "mini-clinic on wheels." Another important topic of discussion is the development of the air ambulance.
Dmitry Medvedev: In big cities, air ambulance helps to provide faster medical care, including high-tech. Delivery by helicopters in dense traffic conditions, emergency medical assistance, particularly in traffic accidents, unfortunately, still is not as fast as we'd like, so our task is to bring closer medical aid and medical centres to provide health services to the busiest, most difficult places for emergency assistance, and to provide emergency medical care in the shortest possible time within a "golden hour".

Summing up the results of the meeting, we can conclude that there is now progress in the organization of emergency medical assistance. Suggestions were made to improve rapid response capabilities and greater involvement of sanitary transport aviation, in particular, the use of helicopters and fast construction of helipads in major hospitals. Before the meeting, Andrey Skoda, director of City Hospital No. 67, invited Dmitriy Medvedev to inspect the hospital. During this tour, Dr. Skoda demonstrated the latest technologies and equipment purchased under the program of Moscow healthcare modernization. The Prime Minister also attended the online consultation conducted by the hospital neurosurgeons for doctors from Outpatient Center No. 180 (Mitino). He also checked some of the possible solutions to simplify and improve the availability of medical assistance - portable diagnostic and clinical equipment implemented in this hospital.

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