City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova
  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Big Sport for Athletes, Stage for Artists, Floor for Dancers

  Moscow Spinal Center developed a new method for recovering from spinal surgery, which is unique not only for Russia but also for other countries. This method already got the attention of doctors from Europe and Japan. For several months the athletes returned in big sports, circus performers - to the arena, dancers - on stage.

Correspondent: - At this moment Daria Annenkova realized that she became the champion of Youth Olympic Games. The girl was unable to hold back tears. Why is that? Better than anyone knew her doctor: the entire tournament gymnast performed on painkillers. Flips and support she performed flawlessly, but nobody knew that the athlete is experiencing severe pain in her back. Dasha showed character: "First victory, then treatment".

Daria Annenkova: I've had this injury for 2-3 years, related to physical exercise. I was treated for six months after the Olympic Games, but once I returned to exercises, my back immediately started to ache.

Correspondent: Due to arduous physical exertion since the age of 7 years Dasha's spine is deformed, and such chronic injury could be treated only with the operation. Such operation was conducted in Moscow Spinal Center at City Hospital No. 67. Now Dasha gets rehabilitation.

Correspondent: After rehabilitation in this center, athletes, circus artists, and ballet dancers successfully return to their carrier. Doctors do not discharge patients on the 3rd day after the surgery, as in many other clinics, but supervise the patient's rehabilitation for several months.

Dmitriy Dzukaev: On the 3rd day, patients go to the gym for exercise therapy, on 3rd-4th-day patients go into a pool, where they start with gradually increasing loads, and rehabilitation activities.

Correspondent: This method developed by Russian surgeons now gets to Europe and Japan. Sometimes Dr. Dzukayev and his colleagues have to redo the work of foreign colleagues.
For example, this patient, lying down on the operating table, had his hernia removed in Israel, but after a few months his back pain returned, because there was no rehabilitation after surgery.
Operating room in Spinal Center has the most sophisticated high-tech equipment. Surgical microscope with x15 magnification gets a clear image of vertebrae and nerves, portable CT provides real-time scans during surgery and sends all imaging data to the console of a surgical robot, where a 3D image of the damaged vertebrae is created.

Dmitriy Dzukaev: Type and exact position of the implant are determined by the robot, and it also performs detailed planning of the procedure. 

Correspondent: This procedure took nearly 5 hours, and then the patient gets few months of physical therapy, but doctors guarantee - he will not miss ski season in this winter!