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Record for consultation to the head of department

Best doctors in Russia. Dmitriy Dzukaev. CHANNEL 1

Guest star in show "Health" - singer Aleksandr Marshal. He introduces neurosurgeon Dmitry Dzukaev, who literally saved Alexander when the singer was diagnosed with a spinal hernia. Dr. Dzukaev is one of the most famous surgeons in Moscow. He is the laureate of the Russia best physicians award "Mission". Dr. Dzukaev directs the Moscow Spinal Center and almost every day does the most complicated operations. His operating room is one of the best equipped..

Elena Malysheva: We have one more guest today, Alexander Marshal.
Elena Malysheva: Sasha, here all guests talk about their doctors, who became true friends. Now it's your turn.
Aleksandr Marshal: This is a great tradition, as doctors are amazing people. I want to tell you about my doctor, who is originally from Ossetia. He was born in Tskhinval, studied there in high school in math class, and his parents were confident that their son would become a mathematician. But suddenly he comes across a publication in a journal "Kvant" about Dr. Christian Bernard who performed the first heart transplantation in human. This fact completely changed the life of the future doctor. Now he is an expert in spinal surgery; I can verify that. You know, I ended up with a terrible hernia and behold, after two operations, I'm feeling much better and now play concerts and enjoy my life. My friends, I want to introduce you, well you probably already know him, doctor Dzukaev Dmitriy Nikolaevich. Please.
Elena Malysheva: Doctor Dzukaev is one of the most famous Moscow neurosurgeons, laureate of the Russia best physicians award "Mission". Dr. Dzukaev directs the Moscow Spinal Center and almost every day does the most complicated operations. His operating room has the best equipment. Patient lying now on the operating table has spine fracture, bone fragments compressing his spinal cord and if they damage it, the man will remain paralyzed. Portable CT determines the exact location of these fragments directly during the operation.
Dmitry Dzukaev: We see a difficult situation here: fragments located in the channel, and we need to fix the damaged area of the spine. Therefore we need a robot that will allow with an exclusive precision enter the implants in adjacent vertebrae.
Elena Malysheva: Robot is also helping surgeons remove bone fragments and strengthen the spine. With high accuracy, it calculates the ideal position of the implant that will be installed to replace fractured vertebra.
Dmitriy Dzukaev: Look, this is how a robot planned advancing implants. I agree that this implant position of perfect, so the robot did everything well. What to do: we have a hard time now competing with machines.
Elena Malysheva: Using robot "hands" surgeons gently retrieve all fragments from the spine, and then insert the implant, which is attached to the spine by special screws.
Dmitriy Dzukaev: Three out of 4 screws are already installed, very quickly and without a single X-ray scan.
Elena Malysheva: And here are patients of Dr. Dzukayev. They are going through rehabilitation. This girl for many years had extreme back pain. She traveled around the world, but finally received help in Moscow.
Patient: I have had the operation, then rehabilitation, now it's my second time here.
Elena Malysheva: Many of these patients could not move due to back pain, and now they feel much better.
Patient: I have also had a hernia, got surgery here, and literally after a month and a half after that, I had already participated in the World Championship, which I won.
Elena Malysheva: Dmitriy Nikolaevich, how should we congratulate you?
Dmitriy Dzukaev: Well, I understand, I have no choice, at least choose: neck or lumbar. Or something above that.
Elena Malysheva: No, we decided for a simple way, just with spinal hernias.
Elena Malysheva: Can touch our intervertebral ...
Dmitry Dzukaev: We can take it out!
Elena Malysheva: Yes, you can remove it easily. Well, Dmitriy Nikolayevich, your wishes and congratulations to all.
Dmitriy Dzukaev: I wish you all in the new year, no pain, including no back pain. I want you to live with hope, and it is clear that my wishes won't take all pain away, but you should know that even after surgery on the spine, you can be happy, active and have a very high quality of life. I wish you all happiness and health! And watch the TV show "Health", because to avoid surgery on the spine, here you can find a lot of useful tips that will help you!
Aleksandr Marshal: My friends, I just beg you, move as much as possible because vertebrae is that rod, the basis of all our body, and it loves to move. So move in the new year as much as possible! Happy new year!