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  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Mechanical treatment

Mechanotherapy is the form of physical therapy, which has pronounced effect on the diseased musculoskeletal system. Before mechanotherapy, your doctor will show you special physical exercises for the affected organ.

Indications for mechanotherapy are the following:
  • the functional insufficiency of joints and muscles;
  • hypotrophy;
  • contractures;
Contraindications are limited and have temporary nature. They include:
  • severe and febrile condition of the patient;
  • active rheumatic process;
  • increasing distal edema in extremities after mechanotherapy;
  • pain after the procedure for 1.5-2 hours or more (minor pain is not a contraindication).

Mechanotherapy is administered strictly individually.
Physical therapist and neurosurgeon develop distinct exercise complexes for specific pathologies and for strengthening the entire body, improving blood circulation, stretching spastic muscles, strengthening paretic muscles.