City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova
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Record for consultation to the head of department

Experts in spinal surgery Surgeons developed the new method of communication

At September 25th Moscow City Hospital No. 67 organized a conference on new surgical technologies in the treatment of spine diseases in patients with osteoporosis.

However, this meeting had a unique format – it was online-conference..

Unique experience
Spinal Surgery Center in City Hospital No. 67 holds this conference the second time. Doctors are usually very busy people, and the trip to the distant location, even for several days, knock them out of the schedule. The live conference, no doubt, is better, but an online conference is a convenient solution when there is no time to travel.
''This hybrid conference – we invented this term – is very practical," – explains Dr. Dmitriy Dzukaev, the medical director of Moscow Spinal Surgery Center. "This became possible thanks to the new technologies, which appeared in Moscow public health and first of all in our clinic. Our colleagues from other cities, which cannot arrive into Moscow, presented from their clinics, and we get vivacious presentations and discussions."
The work of neurosurgeon could be compared with the work of jeweler and is full of nuances, including financial. Present environment is not very friendly: sanctions, budget cuts, restrictions…
However, Dr. Dzukaev supports reorganization in Moscow public health in this difficult period.

Healthcare modernization
''People usually don't like words ''modernization'' or ''reform'', but these helped us to survive," – says Dr. Dzukaev. "Thanks to such changes public healthcare becomes better and more reliable. Yes, significant efforts and technologies are now concentrated in the few clinics, but, if we scatter all this on the numerous Moscow hospitals, the necessary effect will vanish.''

Let's do it all together
Leading surgeons from Russia and other countries meet to exchange the latest experience about new technologies and ideas, and tips and tricks for managing complex cases. 
Moscow City Hospital No. 67 has one of the best operating rooms in Europe regarding robotic and computer technologies. Dr. Dzukaev spoke about the experience of Moscow Spinal Surgery Center. Alexander Gorozhanin, head of the neurosurgery department at Botkin Hospital, presented on infectious complications in spinal surgery and how to treat such cases. Dr. Melansiya from Portugal, the specialist in the anterior approaches in spinal surgery, spoke about biomechanic strategies. Dr. Andrey Grin, the chief neurosurgeon of Moscow, the professor of Sklifosovskiy Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, presented on surgical strategy for vertebral compression fractures in patients with osteoporosis. Doctors from Kurgan and North-Caucasian Federal Medical Center in Beslan also shared their experience in spinal surgery.  Representatives from Medical Center at the Moscow State University as well as neurosurgeons from Novosibirsk also participated in this conference.

Dr. Grin raised the topic of radiation safety in the operating room. During spinal surgery, doctors do multiple X-ray scans, which bears the significant risk for their health. The reliable protection for physicians is as important, as treating patients. All stakeholders in healthcare system should remember about it.
Pharmaceutical therapy for spinal diseases and patient management was also discussed in details during the conference. 

Source: newspaper ''Arguments and Facts.''