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Record for consultation to the head of department

Vertebroplasty with high-viscosity cement (Confidence)

One of the possible ways of solving the problem of "diluting" the bone cement with blood flow, spreading beyond the vertebral body is increasing its viscosity. This approach helps to avoid such complications as cement migration through the cortical defects in back wall of vertebral body to the spinal canal, pulmonary embolism (cement leakage in the system of the azygos/hemizygous vein through the venous plexus, usually with treating more than three vertebrae at the same time and low viscosity of bone cement; asymptomatic, only X-ray signs).
This type of cement is injected under pressure up to 2,5 atm with hydraulic assistance.

Usually, high-viscosity cement fills vertebral body in even and complete fashion, the final result is excellent in most cases.