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  1. Record for consultation to the head of department
Record for consultation to the head of department

Transpedicular fixation with cannulated screws combined with vertebroplasty

The issue of strengthening the implant position in osteoporotic vertebrae in elderly patients stayed unresolved for a long time.
Different options were proposed for increasing the locking elements and lengthening the spine fixation, using additional hook elements for more efficient capture at the arch cortex. However, such hooks are less effective compared to the transpedicular screw in improving the stiffness of fixation and limits the reduction of deformation. Another option - provisional vertebroplasty before installing the transpedicular screw. This technique imposed severe restrictions on construction assembly because bone cement hardens within 3-7 minutes, and screws must be implanted at this exact time, wich is not always possible. Also, technical features of this approach cause the misalignment of vertebroplasty center (area of maximal strengthening) and transpedicular screw axis, decreasing the mechanical properties of the complete system. 
Dmitry Dzukaev, head of Neurosurgical Department, offered the most elegant solution to this problem - to strengthen the screw position through the hole in it.


Vocation Award 2009

This invention was registered by the patent of Russian Federation; device is manufactured at Moscow factory CONMET

Patent for invention