City Clinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA VorohobovaClinical Hospital №67 in Moscow it LA Vorohobova

Moscow Spine and Neurosurgical Center

Surgical treatment of spine diseases and traumas

Moscow Spine and Neurosurgical Center was created by the directive of Moscow Public Health Department as the result of productive collaboration between the Department of Emergency Spine Surgery, Department of Elective Spine Surgery and Early Postsurgical Care, as well as Exercise Therapy Department.
Moscow Spine Center has a modern surgical unit built on new module technologies, as in best spine surgical clinics in Germany and Italy. With the new equipment even most sophisticated spinal procedures can be done in precise, effective and rapid fashion, making our clinic very special from the technological standpoint. In Moscow Spine Center we help patients with spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal fractures and other disorders. After procedures, patients are usually discharged within 3-7 days.

 We have a unique portable CT scanner for intraoperative diagnostics BodyTom (US) that provides real-time spinal imaging during surgery. Imaging results are then transferred to robotic workstation Mazor Renaissance for accurate planning, ensuring spinal cord safety and precise implant positioning for spinal fixation or an accurate vertebroplasty..

идет операция на позвоночнике - BODYTOM выполняет сканирование  

Spinal surgery
Portable CT scanner

Future is today.
Robotic workstation
Mazor Renaissance


Procedural planning for
disc herniation
with robotic system

Spinal fixation
with robotic system


Modern computer-assisted and robotic technologies are combined with special carbon table that eliminates all possible inaccuracies of imaging. The risk of positioning complications with this table is minimal both for spinal disc herniation and spinal fractures.

 All procedures for spinal disc herniation and decompression/stabilizing procedures are performed using modern surgical microscopes Moller Wedel with excellent balancing system and depth of field. Thanks to its sophisticated optical system, Moller Wedel microscope enables video transmission with 3D imaging, and our clinic often organizes international web-conferences. We also hold remote consultations with healthcare professionals from regional hospitals and for patients willing to do surgery in our clinic.

Procedure with
Moller Wedel microscope
International teleconference

Surgical unit of Moscow Spine Center also has all necessary standard equipment, including devices for endoscopic spinal herniation surgery, laser procedures for disc herniation, and Brain Lab navigation system, which provides advanced 3D imaging.

Brain Lab 
navigation system 
Storz endoscopic tower and
Soring ultrasound debridement device

Using all these equipment surgeons in Moscow Spine Center can help patients with spinal diseases in 'all included' fashion, safe and effective.